Sebenza is a Zulu word meaning “work” and also the name of an industrial township to the east of Johannesburg, where we started many years ago. In September 1993 the company was taken over by its present owners, joined by Debbie Mouton in 1995. At first we handled only road broking, delivering up to ten thousand tons per month of fertilizers and agricultural products, but soon the requirements of our clients had us moving into the general freight forwarding business and we found ourselves booking consignments on ships and aircraft, arranging packing and packaging; organising cranes and riggers; obtaining specialised insurance quotes, handling and advising on oversize and overweight loads and project cargo and designing and implementing entire distribution systems. Our companies are managed by their owners, ensuring quick decision making and true commitment to first rate service.

Sebenza Owners

Debbie Mouton (Managing Director, Sebenza Freight Services); Jack van der Heijden (Managing Director, Sebenza World Companies) and Suzette van der Heijden, trustee of the Stichting Administratiekantoor Sebenza Nederland BV. April 2009.

The years have made us wiser and stronger. We are focused on organic development, growing with our clients’ needs for diverse logistics services in differing locations. In 2001 we opened Sebenza Nederland BV in the Netherlands, followed by Red Nav Pty Ltd in Perth, Australia in 2006. In 2010 we registered Sebenza World Logistics BV in Rotterdam and we are planning a fourth office before the end of this decade.

In 2011 we employ 14 staff in three locations and are well-positioned to exploit such growth opportunities as come our way. Our companies are lean, tightly-managed and truly service orientated. You can entrust your logistics service needs to us with confidence in our expertise, experience and commitment to make your international freighting requirements a profitable and painless exercise.